Chile league

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Name City
Colo Colo Santiago
1 clubs

Selection of 13 players

Name Club Nat
Matías Zaldivia Matías Zaldivia Argentina
Nicolás Orellana Nicolás Orellana Chile
Claudio Baeza Claudio Baeza Chile
Juan Delgado Juan Delgado Chile
Esteban Paredes Esteban Paredes Chile
Emiliano Vecchio Emiliano Vecchio Chile
Esteban Pavez Esteban Pavez Chile
Julio Barroso Julio Barroso Argentina
Felipe Flores Felipe Flores Chile
Christian Vilches Christian Vilches Chile
Julio Fierro Julio Fierro Chile
Gonzalo Fierro Gonzalo Fierro Chile
Edson Puch Edson Puch Chile
13 players

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