Tunisia league

Short name
Ligue I Pro

Selection of 20 players

Name Club Nat
Iheb Mbarki Iheb Mbarki Tunisia
Kader Oueslati Kader Oueslati Tunisia
Saber Khalifa Saber Khalifa Tunisia
Nader Ghandri Nader Ghandri Tunisia
Ammar Jemal Ammar Jemal Tunisia
Yassin Mikari Yassin Mikari Tunisia
Fakhreddine Ben Youssef Fakhreddine Ben Youssef Tunisia
Didier Ibrahim N'Dong Didier Ibrahim N'Dong Gabon
Ferjani Sassi Ferjani Sassi Tunisia
Franck Kom Franck Kom Cameroon
Walid Dhaouadi Walid Dhaouadi Tunisia
Mehdi Ouedherfi Mehdi Ouedherfi Tunisia
Malick Touré Malick Touré Mali
Youcef Belaïli Youcef Belaïli Algeria
Seifeddine Lahouel Seifeddine Lahouel Tunisia
Moez Ben Cherifia Moez Ben Cherifia Tunisia
Seidu Salifu Seidu Salifu Ghana
Seif Teka Seif Teka Tunisia
Alaa Ben Dahnous Alaa Ben Dahnous Tunisia
Hamza Agrebi Hamza Agrebi Tunisia
20 players

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