Germab women's league

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2 clubs

Name City
1. FFC Francfort Frankfurt
VfL Wolfsbourg Wolfsbourg
2 clubs

Selection of 15 players

Name Club Nat
Luisa Wensing Luisa Wensing Germany
Dzsenifer Marozsán Dzsenifer Marozsán Germany
Josephine Henning Josephine Henning Germany
Nadine Keßler Nadine Keßler Germany
Bianca Schmidt Bianca Schmidt Germany
Célia Okoyino da Mbabi Célia Okoyino da Mbabi Germany
Verónica Boquete Verónica Boquete Spain
Fatmire Bajramaj Fatmire Bajramaj Germany
Melanie Behringer Melanie Behringer Germany
Sandrine Brétigny Sandrine Brétigny France
Lena Goeßling Lena Goeßling Germany
Nilla Fischer Nilla Fischer Sweden
Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith New Zealand
Martina Müller Martina Müller Germany
Kerstin Garefrekes Kerstin Garefrekes Germany
15 players

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