French women's league

Short name
D1 Féminine

5 clubs

Name City
Juvisy Juvisy
Lyon Lyon
Montpellier Montpellier
Paris-SG Paris
Toulouse Toulouse
5 clubs

Selection of 20 players

Name Club Nat
Grace Geyoro Grace Geyoro France
Marie-Antoinette Katoto Marie-Antoinette Katoto France
Eve Périsset Eve Périsset France
Amel Majri Amel Majri France
Viviane Asseyi Viviane Asseyi France
Makan Traoré Makan Traoré France
Pauline Bremer Pauline Bremer Germany
Ghoutia Karchouni Ghoutia Karchouni France
Lindsay Horan Lindsay Horan United States
Léa Declercq Léa Declercq France
Claire Lavogez Claire Lavogez France
Pingeon Pingeon France
Mylaine Tarrieu Mylaine Tarrieu France
Griedge Mbock Griedge Mbock France
Maëlle Garbino Maëlle Garbino France
Cindy Perrault Cindy Perrault France
Delphine Cascarino Delphine Cascarino France
Estelle Cascarino Estelle Cascarino France
Kadidiatou Diani Kadidiatou Diani France
Ada Hegerberg Ada Hegerberg Norway
20 players

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